Wednesday, June 11, 2008


For the past few months, we've begun storyboarding on Cintiqs. So far I'm loving it, and can see great possibilities in drawing a comic strip daily using it. The next step is to buy a new system with a Cintiq for home in the next year. Nothing new to post, but I am definitely excited by the idea.


Gordon Hammond said...

They've come down in price too and if you use your viacom discount it should be a little under 2 grand.

I think I might get one soon myself!

Yeah I think those Robot designs were from your FOP board!

Fawn said...

Cintiq is fun for boarding and photoshop does allow your line work to look semi-pencil like (unless you use storyboard pro, then that's a little challenging for nice line work:)

My friend bought hers from and they give the same discount as if you bought it under a company.